Kraken JS

An Express MVC layer by Paypal

Presented by Shane King

What is MVC?

MVC Dialog


  • Responsible for data (retrieving, validating, saving, etc.)
  • Generally only talks to the controller


  • Gets data from model and sends to user
  • Takes input from user and sends to model


  • Takes data from controller and renders for the user

The Kraken Suite

Lusca Logo
App Security
Kappa Logo
NPM Proxy
Kappa Logo
Dust I18N
Kappa Logo
Dust Context

Lusca - App Security

Provides security for your application out of the box, such as:

Kappa - NPM Proxy

  • Allows for private NPM repos

Makara - Dust I18N

  • I18N = Internationalization
  • Allows for multiple languages with ease using Dust

Adaro - Dust Context

  • Implements support for dust templating

Making a website in three steps

  • Install the generator
    npm install -g generator-kraken
  • Create a project
    yo kraken
  • Start your server
    npm start
  • Create more pages (optional)
    yo kraken:page pageName

Demo time

Release the Kraken!

The end

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